Mockup YESFOOD Super Premium - Chicken & Rice

1 5 K G • 4 K G

Super Premium Chicken & Rice

Complete and balanced recipe for adult dogs with a normal physical activity.

Made from natural raw materials of the highest quality and enriched with omega 3 (salmon) that keeps your dog’s coat shiny and healthy, and boost the immune system.


Hydrolyzed chicken, rice, hydrolyzed wheat, poultry fat, maize, protein of animal origin, salmon oil rich in Ω3, natural liver flavor, lignocellulose, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, taurine, methionine, L-lysine, natural antioxidants, Yucca extract, zinc chelate, MOS, vitamins and minerals (choline chloride, folic acid, biotin, niacin, pyridoxine, thiamine, calcium pantothenate, zinc oxide, copper sulfate, sodium selenite, ferrous sulfate, manganese oxide, cobalt carbonate, potassium iodate).


Crude proteinsCrude oils and fatsCrude fibreCrude ashCalciumPhosphorusMoisture
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